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Improve student achievement and increase student success through enhanced communication and personalized feedback

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Communicate with Students, Parents and Administrators more frequently and effectively

Effective teachers know that a critical part of the assessment process is communication. With MarkBook, assessment becomes much more than just assigning a grade, it is the gateway to starting a dialog with students on their progress. The evaluation process becomes transparent – students and parents can finally understand how each assessment contributes to the overall grade leading to enhanced student motivation.

Understand your class better

MarkBookWeb is so much more than a calculation tool. It is a powerful analytic tool to help you see trends in individual student and class performance, determine most consistent achievement and ensure balanced assessment.

MarkBookWeb will help you with the early identification of developing problems and help you formulate a solution with the student.

Thousands of teachers have been relying on MarkBook for decades – it's the teacher's first choice for class management software.

Customize to your fit your needs

MarkBookWeb is extremely flexible – you decide how assessments will be organized, analyzed and presented. MarkBook reflects the assessment and evaluation policies implemented by major North American school districts.

MarkBook software isn't just about numbers

It is about helping you analyze and evaluate performance to best report a student's achievement. MarkBook is unique in offering features to ensure that your students are being fairly and accurately assessed.

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Multiple calculation methods »
As well as calculating an average (arithmetic mean) MarkBook can calculate mean and mode to allow you to compare different methods of determining the central tendency of a student's achievement and to conform to the policy requirements of your educational jurisdiction. Mode, for example, can be a powerful tool in determining most consistent achievement.
Category management »
MarkBook allows you to organize assessments in groups of your choice. You can, for example, organize assessments by format – tests, assignments, quizzes, etc. or by strands – Knowledge, Thinking and Inquiry, Communication, Application or any other appropriate categories.
Entry styles »
Enter results by number, letter or Level – for example, 92, A+ or Level 4+. You can define the characters used and their numeric equivalent. You can even mix the entry types.
Weighting »
MarkBook supports entry weighting, category weighting and Mark Set weighting to ensure that your calculations accurately reflect the importance of each assessment item. Each item's contribution to the total grade is reported so that you ensure that no item is being over or under emphasized. As well, weighting can be used to comply with requirements such as the need for grades to reflect Most Recent achievement.
Professional Judgement »
Experienced teachers know that numbers may not tell the whole story. MarkBook allows you to modify a student's grade when you know that there are other factors to be considered that are not reflected in the calculations.
Reporting »
MarkBook allows you to report achievement as frequently as you wish. A variety of screen and paper reports are available to involve students in a dialog to ensure that they understand the assessment process and, more importantly, become an enthusiastic participant in that process resulting in improved performance.
Photo seating plans »
Teachers know the MarkBook seating plan is an indispensable tool. Photos on the seating plan make it much easier to learn student names and invaluable to supply teachers. Photos from picture day can be imported and will automatically link to the student through the student number.
Loaned items »
Managing loaned items such as textbooks is always a nuisance, but MarkBook makes tracking items so much easier. You can also use this feature to record payments for things such as field trips.
Attendance »
Keeping all your class Management data together, MarkBook also provides an easy to use attendance register that can help you identify unusual absence patterns. Attendance data can be included on a variety of reports.

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